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19 t/m 23 August

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Opening Week 2018

The whole of the city of Delft goes wild during Opening Week, the OWee, as it experiences an invasion of new students. You won't have to do it on your own - you will be exploring Delft and its student life with nine fellow students and two mentors. The mentors will be two senior students from your degree course programme. Together, you will get to know Delft, take part in the programme of events, and enjoy an amazing week.

Eating and sleeping

All meals will be provided by us during Opening Week. You will have breakfast and lunch at different locations in the city with your group, and evening meals will be served at a student association. Do you have to travel far, and have you not yet found a place to sleep during Opening Week? Then we will provide accommodation for you! It means you will get to know other students, and everything will be close by!


Each day a different aspect of student life will be highlighted. The day programme will be organised by the Opening Week management. In the evenings, you can eat courtesy of the student associations, before things really get going later on! Each association is organising different activities, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Below is an impression of the day programme. First-year students weekend

First-year students weekends take place before Opening Week. Almost every study association organises a weekend away with your new fellow students. This a great chance to get to know your fellow students, so you won’t be on your own once your degree programme gets underway. Check out your study association’s website for more information. You can sign up for the first-year students weekends on the Opening Week website.

Sunday 19 August - Opening

Opening Week starts on Sunday afternoon with a reception. Here, you can meet your fellow students for the first time and recover from the first-year students weekend. You will also receive your Opening Week wristband - your ‘access ticket’ for the whole week. This will be followed by a barbecue, while the student clubs will showcase all that Delft has to offer. The evening ends with a big party. This is not just for prospective students, but for every student at Delft.

Monday 20 August - Information market and sightseeing

Monday is all about the city of Delft itself. In the morning, you and your study associations will all meet for breakfast, after which you will go to the Aula Building to collect your shirts and rucksacks. The Rector Magnificus will welcome everyone at this point. You will then have the opportunity to get to know different parts of the city, in a fun way. Lunch will also be provided. After this, there will be a large information market where every student club, the city council and various businesses present themselves with eye-catching shows and gadgets.

Tuesday 21 August - Student association day

Tuesday is student association day. You will be given a guided tour of various associations, where you can take part in activities and get a taste of the atmosphere in each. The day also features a food truck and chill event at Base Camp, and there will be an inspiring speaker who will answer all your questions during the tour. At the end of the afternoon, each student association will show what they have to offer, during the president’s forum. You will have a chance to ask all your questions during this debate.

Wednesday 22 August - Backstage Campus Tour and Sport & Culture

Wednesday starts with a tour of the hidden areas of the campus. Ever been in a room where it was so silent you could hear your heart beat, or have you ever seen how a wind tunnel works? Experience it during the Backstage Campus Tour! You will then have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the student sports and culture associations. They will be presenting themselves during the Sports & Culture market. You can also learn new sports - simply by taking part. The day will conclude with the legendary cantus singalong.

Thursday 23 August - Luxury Brunch and Student Associations

Feeling a little tired after all this? On the final day of Opening Week, in which the main theme will be sustainability, we'll provide you with a great breakout brunch. There will also be a small-scale festival at Base Camp. After brunch, you will be able to visit the various associations, which will be organising activities during the afternoon and evening. A great way of deciding once and for all which association you would like to join!

Base Camp and Opening Week Café

You can chill any time of the week at Base Camp. Here, you can eat, relax, and take part in fun games and activities. In the evenings, Base Camp becomes the Opening Week Café. A great place to unwind and enjoy a drink in one of its unique spaces.